Due to the emerging response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, all LSC facilities are currently closed until May 4. At this time:

  • All online courses that started before spring break resumed March 23.
  • All other courses that started before spring break will resume April 13.
  • All courses scheduled to begin after spring break will begin April 13 or on the scheduled start date, whichever is later.

If your face-to-face or hybrid course is moving to fully online delivery, please visit our Campus Closure Preparedness Overview page. You can also contact VTAC Chat or schedule an appointment to talk to an LSC-Online representative by visiting the VTAC Support page.

The Virtual Teaching Assistance Center (VTAC) is an instructional resource created for Lone Star College faculty. The VTAC site provides instructional guides and training to assist with the development and implementation of successful online courses. Click the link for a tour of the VTAC Resources

Virtual Teaching Assistance Center Resources Also Include:

1. Chat Support
2. Online Faculty Certifications
3. New Online Instructor Guides
4. VTAC Knowledge Base