Add Formula Sheet to a Quiz

During a quiz, the instructor has the option to provide students with a Formula Sheet. In the process described in this article, the Formula Sheet PDF file will be incorporated as a link on the quiz header. Clicking on the link will open the PDF file in a new browser tab, irrespective of the quiz's length, ensuring that students can access the Formula Sheet without the need to scroll up and down within the Quiz tab. This functionality also extends to the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser, requiring no additional modifications in the Respondus settings.

To generate the Formula Sheet PDF file, we recommend utilizing Microsoft Word in conjunction with the EquatIO desktop version. EquatIO Editor provides numerous formulas, as depicted in the image below. Nevertheless, instructors have the flexibility to choose the application that aligns best with their specific requirements and preferences.

  1.  On the Timing & Display panel, select [Manage Header and Footer].

  2. In the HTML Editor, click the [+] and select [Insert Stuff].

  3. Select [My Computer] -> [Upload the File] -> [Insert].

  4. Insert the link name.

  5. Select [Add]. Select [Save & Close] when you are done.