Create a Discussion Forum

A discussion forum is a container for discussion topics, where the actual discussion takes place. You cannot create a discussion topic without a forum to put the topic in. You can, however, put all discussion topics into one forum and label it "Discussions." This keeps the Discussion list compact for easier reading.

To create a discussion forum:

  1. Click the Collaboration menu on the navbar, then choose Discussions.
  2. Click on the New button, then choose New Forum.New Forum option on Discussion List page
  3. Give the forum a title, a description, and then choose which options you'd like to implement. 

NOTE: Options chosen at the forum level will apply to all the topics within the forum. You do not have to set any options at this level.

New Forum options on New Forum page

  • Allowing anonymous posts means that you will not know who posted any post marked as anonymous. Those posts will not be able to be graded.
  • Requiring a moderator to approve all posts means that no post will posted to any thread until you have read and approved it.
  • Requiring users to post a thread before they can read and reply to other threads in a topic means that they cannot read others' posts before they compose their own.
  • Displaying the forum description in topics will display the description that you have entered for the forum (for example, instructions that would be applicable to all topics in the forum) in each topic in the forum.

Setting Availability on Restrictions Tab

  1. To make sure that the forum and the topics within it will be visible to during the visibility dates, make sure that the "Hide from Users" checkbox is unchecked.
    Identifies Hide from User Checkbox
  2. Availability determines when the dates the forum will be visible to the student. Availability Option for New Forum
  3. Locking determines when students can post in a forum. You can leave it unlocked at all times, lock it, or give a range of dates when it will be unlocked.
    Locking Options for New Forum
    • If a forum is unlocked but not visible, students will be unable to post in any topics within it because they cannot see them.

      NOTE: Remember that the dates you set here will apply to the topics in the forum. It is a recommended practice to leave the forum unrestricted and apply restrictions to the discussion topics within the forum. A topic cannot have an unlocked date that is later than the unlocked date set for the forum.
  4. When you are done, click Save and Close.

See Create a Discussion Topic.