Restore a Deleted Discussion Topic

You may find that you have deleted a discussion topic that you later decide you would like to restore. You can do this in the discussions tool as long as your settings allow for deleted posts to be displayed.

Display Deleted Posts

  1. On the Discussions List page, click [Settings].

    Indicates Discussions Settings link
  2. Under the Personal Settings section, check the box next to [Display deleted posts].

    Identifies Display deleted posts
  3. Click [Save].

To Restore a Deleted Topic

  1. On the Discussion List page, click the [More Actions] button, then select [Restore].

    Indicates Restore option from More Actions menu on Discussions page

    NOTE: If you delete a forum, when you restore it you will be given the option to also restore any topics it contains.

  2. Click [Restore] in the Action column of the forum or topic you want to restore.

    Indicates Restore button on Restore Forums and Topics page
  3. When the dialogue box appears, click [Yes] to confirm.