View Student Photos-Faculty View

Student photos are loaded into iStar and are available for faculty to view from the Class Rosters or the Student Services Center.

Navigation to Class Roster

Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule > Class Roster Icon

  1. From the Class Roster, click on the ‘Photo’ icon next to the student’s ID to view the individual only or click on the ‘Include photos in list’ radio button to see photos for all students in the class.
    Identifies student roster photos.
  1. If the ‘Include photos in list’ is chosen, the display will show only one student at a time. Advance to the next student by selecting the arrows on the blue bar. To see the entire class in a printable view, select ‘View All.’ Some students may appear as ‘No photo on file’ if they have not yet obtained a student ID.
    Shows location of student photo.
  2. Here’s the list showing all photos. Those without a photo appear as ‘No Photo on File.’
    Shows students with no photo.

Navigation to Student Services Center

Campus Community > Student Services Center

  1. Enter the student ID or name to bring up the correct student and click search.
    Shows iStar search criteria.
  2. Click on ‘Demographic Data’ to view the photo if available.
    Shows Demographic Data location.Shows Demographic Data page.