Request an LMS Integration

If the integration requires purchasing additional resources such as access codes, books, labs etc.:

  • The additional resources must be readily accessible on the LSC Virtual Bookstore (Akademos) before initiating the LMS Integration Request.
  • You must be a Dean or above to request an LMS Integration.
  • You must ensure the publisher (e.g., Pearson, Cengage, etc.) has uploaded all additional resources to the LSC Virtual Bookstore prior to completing the form. 
  • You should coordinate with the publisher representative to have the additional resources uploaded to the LSC Virtual Bookstore by contacting the Akademos' Publisher Acquisitions Manager, Alex Noelke at
  • Your DOM/DOS may have additional information.

NOTE: Lone Star College is required to obtain a signed legal agreement from the vendor that addresses, among other things, adherence to accessibility and FERPA requirements. The time for OGC (Office of General Counsel) and the vendor to complete the agreement can be lengthy, therefore we request a 3-6 month lead time. We will do everything we can to implement your request as quickly as possible. However, the timeframe that takes for a new integration to be implemented can take 3 to 6 months and we cannot guarantee the integration will be available within this time frame as the process can sometimes take longer. If the process for obtaining an agreement between OGC and Lone Star College is not complete by two weeks prior to semester start, then the integration will not be available for the beginning of that semester.

You may wish to integrate a new third-party product with D2L - for example, a new course tool or material from a content provider that is not already set up between a vendor and Lone Star College. You should first check the Approved Instructional Technologies list to see if Lone Star already has an agreement with that third party. If your desired integration is on that list, the name of the integration contains a link to the instructions on that page to enable the integration in your course(s). If the integration you want to use is not on that list, you need to speak to your Department Chair or Dean and have the Dean fill out the LMS Integration Request, located on the VTAC Self-Service page.

  1. Click [VTAC Support] on the Navbar.

  2. In the Self-Service column, under the Course Design heading, click [More…].

  3. Click on the [LMS Integration Request] form.

  4. If you are a Dean or higher, click the [Yes] box under Are you a Dean or higher? to indicate a Dean is filling out the form. If you are not a Dean or higher, you will need to speak to your Department Chair or Dean to have your Dean fill out the form.

  5. NOTEIf at any time you feel you made an incorrect choice on the previous section, you can use the buttons at the top of the form to go back one section.

  6. For the question Does this integration require the purchase of additional resources (e.g., books, access codes, labs, etc.)?, click the [Yes] or [No] box as appropriate.

  7. If you chose [Yes], you will be asked to confirm that those additional resources are available in the LSC Virtual Bookstore. If you answered [No] to this question, please see the top of this page for more information.

  8. If the integration does not require the purchase of additional resources, or after confirming all resources are available in the LSC Virtual Bookstore, you will be taken to the final step of the form. Please fill out all fields. Click [Submit] when finished.

A VTAC Integration Specialist will reach out to you with further information.