Create and Edit Grade Schemes

A grade scheme is a way of organizing students’ performances on grade items into levels of achievement. A grade scheme can include any number of achievement levels. Each achievement level has its own range of acceptable grades and a symbol, such as a numeric value, letter, or text description, to represent it. You can create your own grade schemes or use the default grade scheme.

Create a Grade Scheme

  1. Click [Grades] in the navbar.

  2. Click on the [Schemes] tab.

    Identifies Schemes tab on Grades page.

  3. On the Schemes page, click [New Scheme].

    Indicates New Scheme button on Grade Schemes page.

  4. Enter a Name for the scheme.

  5. Enter a Short Name if desired.

    Shows Name and Short Name fields on Edit Scheme page.

  6. Click [Add Ranges] to add additional grade ranges if necessary.

    Shows Add Ranges option on Edit Scheme page.

  7. Define your grade Ranges with the lowest grade in the range.

    • Enter the symbol you want to display for the grade range in the Symbol column. 
    • Select the color you want to be associated with the range in the Color column if you would like to associate a color with the letter grade.

      Shows Range field grid on Edit Scheme page.

  8. Click the  [Delete] icon beside a grade range to delete it.

  9. Click [Save].

Set a default grade scheme

On the Grade Schemes page, click the [Set As Default] icon beside the grade scheme you want to make the default.

Identifies Set As Default option on Grade Schemes page.

NOTE: If you set a scheme other than "Percentage" as default, you will no longer see percentages in your gradebook.

Edit a grade scheme

  1. Click on [Grades] in the navbar.

  2. Click on the [Schemes] tab.

  3. Click on the name of the scheme you'd like to edit.

  4. When you're done editing, click the [Save and Close] button.