Find the Reliability Coefficient for a Quiz

The Insights Portal allows you to measure the quality of your assessments based on several metrics, including the reliability coeffiecient. To view those metrics:

  1. On your D2L homepage, click on Faculty Tools in the navbar and choose Insights Portal.
    Identifies Insights Portal
  2. Click on the Assessment Quality for Faculty tile.
    Identifies Assessment Quality for Faculty tile
  3. In the graph that appears, your courses are listed along the y-axis. The x-axis represents the quiz reliability coefficient. Each quiz will be plotted based on what course it is in and what its reliability coefficient is.
    Identifies Axis Values
  4. Click on the circle for one of the quizzes to see more detail about that quiz, such as average score and number of learners.

    Shows Quiz Details
  5. Click on the name of the quiz to drill down to information about the quiz questions.

    Shows Question Details

  6. If on any screen you would like to export the displayed data, click the Send icon.

    Identifies Send icon
  7. Choose the type of file in which you'd like your data exported.

    Shows file export options