Create a Sandbox

To Create a Sandbox

  1. Log in to D2L. 
  2. Click VTAC Support on the navbar.
    Shows VTAC Support
  3. In the Self-Service column under Course Design, click Create a Sandbox.
    Indicates Create a Sandbox link
  4. Fill out the Sandbox Request form.
    Indicates items to be filled in on the Sandbox Request form.
    • Enter a short description (name) for your sandbox. The completed sandbox title will begin with “Sandbox: Your Name - [Short Description]" You should only enter a description that will appear after the words “Sandbox: Your Name." 
    • Enter a date for archiving. After this date, the system will archive the sandbox in the next round of automated archives.
  5. Submit the Sandbox Request Form.

See Using a Test Student Account to View Your Course Content.