Set Up Email and Text Notifications in D2L

Notification settings are found in the personal menu. The personal menu contains links to your profile, notification options, account settings, and log out. You must set up a contact method on the Notifications page to receive instant notifications. 

Access the Notifications Tool

  1. Click your name on the Minibar to open the Personal Menu.
    Identifies Personal Menu

  2. Click [Notifications] from your personal menu on the minibar.
    Identifies the Notifications option.

Change Your Email Setting

  1. Click [Change your email settings] under Contact Methods on the Notifications page.
    Identifies the Change your email settings link.

  2. Select your [Use system email] to use your LSC email, or select [Use custom email] and enter your non-LSC email address in the text field.
    Shows email options.

  3. Click [Save].

  4. After you receive a registration confirmation in your email, click the confirmation link in the email.

Register Your Mobile Phone

  1. Click [Register your mobile] on the Notifications page.
    Identifies the Register your mobile link.

  2. Select your Country, your Mobile Carrier, and enter your Mobile Number in the form. Click [Save].

    Shows mobile options.

  3. After you receive a registration confirmation code on your mobile device, enter it in the Confirmation Code field. Click [Confirm].

    Indicates Confirmation Code field and Identifies Confirm button

NOTE: Currently, T-Mobile, Sprint (PCS), and Sprint (Nextel) do not accept SMS messages from D2L, and so they will not receive the confirmation code, preventing them from being used with SMS notifications.

If your Mobile Carrier is not listed, it can be added by contacting VTAC, but only if the carrier has an Email-to-SMS Gateway available. We recommend contacting your mobile carrier's customer service or support line to see if your carrier has one. To add a new mobile carrier, please send an email to containing your carrier's Email-to-SMS address format.

Subscribe to instant notifications

  1. On the Notifications page, enable instant notifications for specific course activity and updates by doing either (or both) of the following:

  2. Select the SMS check box to enable SMS (text) notifications.

  3. Select the Email check box to enable email notifications. Click [Save].
    Shows SMS and email checkboxes.

Customize Notifications

  1. On the Notifications page, select the checkbox next to the following options to receive notifications from non-current courses:

    • Allow past courses to send me notifications
    • Allow future courses to send me notifications Allow inactive courses to send me notifications
    • Allow inactive courses to send me notifications
      Shows cusotmize notifications options.

Exclude Some Courses

  1. On the Notifications page, click the [Manage my course exclusions] link.
    Identifies Manage my course exclusions link.

  2. Click the [X] next to the course(s) you want to stop receiving notifications from.

  3. When finished, click [Close].
    Shows courses to select for exclusion

    NOTE: For a more detailed overview of excluding courses from Notifications, see Exclude Select Courses From Notifications.