Reset/Submit a Quiz Attempt

Reset a Quiz Attempt

If you need to reset the attempt, follow the instructions below to reset the attempt.

  1. Go to [Course Activities] > [Quizzes]

    Identifies Quizzes

  2. Click the arrow next to the quiz, and then select [Grade].
    1. If the student’s quiz attempt is currently in-progress, proceed to Step 3.
    2. If the attempt in question has already been completed, proceed to Step 4.

      Identifies Grade

  3. If the student’s quiz attempt is currently in-progress:
    1. Click [Show Search Options] to display the Restrict to field.

    2. From the Restrict to dropdown box, select [Users who have an attempt in progress].
      Click the [Magnifying Lens Icon] to search.

      Indicates Magnifying Glass Start Search icon and Restrict To field. 

  4. If the attempt in question has already been completed:
    Check the [Checkbox] next to the attempt to reset, then click [Reset].

    Identifies Reset choice

  5. On the confirmation window, click [Yes].

NOTE: You can view the attempt before you decide to delete it by clicking on [Attempt #]. You can also force the submission by clicking on the impersonate icon. See below for further instructions to submit an in-progress attempt for students.

Submit an In-Progress Attempt For Students

  1. From [Course Activities] -> [Quizzes] -> [Quiz Dropdown Menu] -> [Grade]

    Identifies Grade

  2. Click the [Enter Quiz as User] icon beside the quiz attempt in progress.

    Identifies Enter quiz as user icon

  3. Click [Yes] to confirm you wish to enter the quiz as the student.

  4. Go to end of the quiz and click [Submit Quiz].
    Shows Submit Quiz button