D2L Course Calendar Basics

Accessing the D2L Calendar

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of Calendar.

    Shows Go to Calendar option.
  2. Click [Go to Calendar] from the Calendar widget drop-down menu.

Changing Calendar Color

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to [All Calendars] and click the [Change Calendar Colors] icon from the calendar menu area.

    Indicates calendar choice menu. Identifies Change Calendar Colors icon.

  2. Select the course you want to change the color for from the drop-down list in Calendar Colors.
  3. Click the desired calendar color. Lighten or darken the color by moving the arrow on the side of the color bar up and down. When completed, click [Done].

    Indicates drop down menu. Identifies Calendar Colors selection screen and identifies the Done button.

Printing Calendars

You can print a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar from the calendar views area, as well as an agenda or list view of your calendar. Click [Print] and select your Print Options.
 Identifies the Print option.

Adding Calendars to Your Display

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to "All Calendars" then click the Add Calendar icon.
    Shows Add Calendar icon.
  2. On the Add Calendars page, select the calendars that you want to display in the calendar content area.

    Indicates the calendor selector and the Add button.

  3. Click [Add].

  4. Each course is assigned its own identifying color by default.

Removing a Calendar from Your Display

Click the [X] icon beside the course you want to remove from the calendar menu area. Indicates the remove calendar option.

Setting your Active Course Calendar 

You can switch your current course by changing your active course calendar. Select a course from the calendar menu to activate it.

Indicates active course calendar selector.
Any event instructors create, and any schedule you view, applies to the course and is viewable in the calendar content area. Because you can seamlessly move from one course to another using the Calendar tool, instructors can plan schedules simultaneously for multiple courses, by day, week, or month.

NOTE: Even when you set your current calendar, the calendar content area will, by default, show events from all the courses listed in the calendar menu. To filter unwanted content, simply remove the course from the calendar.

Type of Calendar Events

There are two different types of events in the Calendar tool:

Availability events

Availability events indicate the availability and due dates of course objects in the Calendar tool, but do not have to be created using the Calendar tool. Once you are enrolled in a course, all objects for that course that you enable to display in the calendar will be visible. You can set due dates for course objects, edit, and delete availability events directly from the Calendar tool.

General (Content) events

These are events you create within the Calendar tool. Instructors can create multiple events for the same course object, and include details of presenters, location, and a seating chart for the event.

Viewing a course schedule in Calendar

Select a course from the calendar menu. You will see the course name display as the menu name. Click on it to view that course's schedule.