Use a Test Student Account to View Your Course Content

The impersonate function allows you to “log in” as a specific user. For example, it would be beneficial to impersonate a test student when confirming your newly designed course functions as intended. 

NOTE: Instructors may only impersonate test students in a sandbox. The Impersonate option is not available to instructors in live courses. Only D2L administrators have the ability to impersonate other users.

To impersonate a test student:

  1. In a sandbox that contains a test student, click Collaboration on the navbar and choose Classlist.
    Identifies Classlist and Indicates drop down arrow
  2. From the context menu for Test, Student, choose Impersonate.
    Indicates drop down arrow for Test Student and Identifies Impersonate
  3. Click Yes in the pop-up dialog box to confirm that you do want to impersonate the student.
    Identifies Yes button on confirmation screen
NOTE: When you are impersonating the test student, your name on the minibar will be replaced by “Student Test” with a bright orange icon.

To exit impersonation:

  1. Click the Student Test name in the minibar.
  2. Click the X next "Impersonating: Student Test" to stop the impersonation.
    Indicates User Name and X to end impersonation