Add ScienceInteractive to Your Course

ScienceInteractive delivers rich, interactive lab experiences to all students – no matter where they’re learning from. Students receive hands-on lab kits shipped to their home to follow along with the integration available in D2L. Faculty create a set of labs for their D2L course and then a tailored lab kit is created and shipped to the student. More information can be found at the ScienceInteractive Official Site.  

NOTE: LSC-Online does not have access to your ScienceInteractive account. For integration issues, please contact Nate Davis or navigate to the ScienceInteractive Support Site

Adding ScienceInteractive to your Course

  1. Contact our ScienceInteractive representative, Nate Davis to create your SI Lab List for your course. This is a requirement due to the technological restrictions of the ScienceInteractive D2L integration.
  1. Send an email to and include which D2L courses you intend to use ScienceInteractive.
  2. Once you have received confirmation that VTAC has added your courses, navigate to the Content Module[Add Existing Activities][SI 1.3].

    NOTE: The exact name shown under [Add Existing Activities] is unique to your course. The name should always begin with SI 1.3.

  3. Under Add Activity, select [Getting Started], or whichever ScienceInteractive Lab Activities you would like to add to this module. Click [Connect Lesson].
  4. The ScienceInteractive Lab Activity you have chosen is now available.

    NOTE: If a ScienceInteractive Activity has a grade associated with it, a grade item will appear in the D2L gradebook within a few minutes of the Activity being added to your Content module.