Remove Third-Party Integration Content and the Associated Grade Items

Third-party Integration Content refers to certain publisher content, McGraw Hill videos, Cengage integrations, and other vendor content.

ALERT: If you remove a Third-party Integration item from a course without disassociating it from its Grade Item, you may be unable to delete its grade item. This can require high-level intervention to remove the grade item. Before deleting any content items associated with a grade, check for "Third-party Integration" below the content item.
Identifies the Third Party Integration label.

Disassociate Third-party Integration items

  1. Click on the title of the Third-party content topic.

  2. Scroll down below the content to the Activity Details area.

    Shows the Activity Details area.
  3. Click on the [Grade Item name] below Assessment.

    Identifies the selected grade item.
  4. Select [No Grade] from the drop-down menu.

    Identifies the --No Grade-- option.
  5. Click [Save].

  6. Now the Third-party Integration Content and the Grade Item can be deleted.