Customize Content Using Replace Strings

Automatically Customize Course Content Using Replace Strings

A replacement string allows instructors to customize course content and communications in D2L by incorporating the intended student's personalized information, such as their name, automatically. This feature can help instructors build better relationships with learners, increase engagement levels, and improve the overall learning experience.

Replace strings are configuration variable names enclosed in curly braces { } that are automatically replaced by the corresponding configuration variable values. For example, if you enter the text {FirstName} into an email, when the student views the email, they will see their first name.

NOTE: Replace strings are used in all tools that use HTML Editor. However, evaluation rules for the replace strings vary with the tool; in particular, DO NOT use it in HTML files in Content, because it will fail when you copy your course.

Replace strings are particularly useful within the following:

  • Announcements
  • Mail
  • Grades when adding bulk feedback

Useful replace strings include:

User replace string 



Name of the course seen in the course header


Full name of the user or the username entered to log on


Organization ID. This is an identifier specified by the campus for the user


First name of the user


Last name of the user


User's internal email address


User's external email address


User's internal email address

See also: Replace Strings for Intelligent Agents

See the full list in Brightspace Documentation: Automatically customize course content using replace strings

Replace strings can also be used with Intelligent Agents. Contact your Campus Representative or an Instructional Designer for help with Intelligent Agents.