Easy WebEx Personal Room

All employees have a general WebEx account managed by the Office of Technology Services (OTS). 

Contact OTS at 832.813.6600 or 1.866.614.5014 to activate your account. 

  1. Login to lonestar.webex.com using your LSC username and password.
    Shows the WebEx Signin button. 
  2. You will see your name and a URL to your Personal Room.Shows the home screen after logging in and the label for Joanne Doe's Personal Room. 
  3. Highlight, copy, and paste the URL to your Personal Room into the communication, announcement, content module, or email telling the student or students when to meet.Identifies the URL for the personal room below the Name of the personal room. 
  4. Click the Start a Meeting button a few minutes early if possible.
    Show the Start a Meeting button. 
  5. You will see your video image if you have a camera turned on. Click the Start Meeting button to make the meeting available to students. Shows Joanne Doe's face and the Start Meeting button. 
  6. If you have no video camera or if you turn it off, you will see no image but all the tools will be the same.
    Shows the  full WebEx meeting screen including the initials of a participant entering with video turned off.and a tiny version of the meeting hosts video at the bottom. 
  7. You will also see the participants listed in the right panel.Shows a close up of the participant list. 
  8. Click Share to share your computer monitor so that students can see your screen.Identifies the Share option in the WebEx top menu. 
  9. Click the first menu item: Share Content.Identifies the Share Content option in the Share menu. 
  10. Choose the monitor that you wish to share. In this example, there are two monitors to choose from. If you choose the wrong one, just move your browser or content item to the correct screen. Identifies the Screen 1 option in the Share Content options. 
  11. You will see an orange bar appear above the screen that says,"You're sharing this screen."
    Shows the You're sharing this screen alert at the top of the window. 
  12. Mouse over the bar to see the WebEx meeting menu.Shows the full WebEx presenter menu visible whenever you mouseover the sharing alert..
  13. Click Stop Sharing to stop sharing the screen.
  14. To lock the meeting when having a private conference so no one else can enter, click More > Lock meeting.Identifies the Lock meeting option.  
  15. To end the meeting, click More > End meeting.

Useful WebEx Toolbar options

  • To record your meeting, click the Record icon. It will change to a square. Click the square to stop the recording when you are finished.
    Identifies the Record button in the WebEx toolbar.
  • To draw on the screen, click on the Annotate icon.
  • To view the meeting Participants panel, click on the Participants icon.
  • To view additional option, click the More icon. This list includes: 

  • This list includes the following options: Notes, Meeting Info, Audio Connection, Health Checker and End Meeting.
    Shows the More menu items.