Delete an Object from the LOR

NOTE: Only the person who published an item to the LOR can delete it.
  1. Click Course Management on the navbar then choose LOR.
    Identifies LOR in the Course Management menu.
    NOTE: If a LOR is restricted to certain groups or courses, you may not see that LOR until you have entered one of those groups or courses.
  2. Click the title of the desired LOR (e.g., Shared Faculty Repository) from the list displayed.
    Displays possible LOR options.
  3. If the object does not appear on the initial page, use the search box provided to narrow the results by searching for the title or keywords for the object.
    Identifies the search box and Search button.
  4. Once the object has been found, click the arrow next to the title, then click Delete.
    Identifies Delete in the context menu.
NOTE: Any course links made to this object will no longer function once the object is deleted.