Slim Announcements

NOTE: The Slim Announcements widget is located in the following Homepage Layouts: Course Home 05a, Course Home 05b

The Slim Announcements widget is a condensed version of the regular announcements widget in D2L. It is designed to take up less space on the course homepage while still allowing students to see the most relevant announcements at a glance. When utilizing this widget, students will have the ability to expand the announcements widget to see them in further detail when needed, and conveniently minimize the announcements when they are not needed. Example below:

The slim version of the widget displays only the title of the most recent announcements, along with the date and time it was posted. Students can click on the title to expand the announcement and read the full message, see any attachments, and view any comments or discussions related to the announcement.

Instructors can customize the slim announcements widget by adjusting the display settings, such as the number of announcements to show and the date range. They can also choose to display the widget in a list or a grid format.

Using the slim announcements widget can be a great way to keep students informed of important course updates without overwhelming them with too much information on the homepage. It allows for quick scanning and easy access to full announcements as needed.

Please refer to Use the Announcements Tool for information on how to create Announcements in D2L.

NOTE: Pinning or viewing pinned announcements is not currently supported in Slim Announcements.