Disable Fast Forwarding on a YuJa Video/Playback Quiz

  1. Find the video in your Manage Media library you wish to create a Playback Quiz and choose the More menu link.


  2. Click on Quizzes menu link in the left navigation.


  3. Click on Create Playback Quiz button.


  4. Title the quiz, choose whether to give full credit based on a percentage threshold or on percentage watched, then choose Create.


  5. Once saved, you can click on the Edit button to access more Quiz Settings. This can also be found by clicking the More button on a previously saved Video Quiz in your Manage Media folders.


  6. Click the Edit this Quiz button.


  7. Click the Settings button.


  8. Click on the Disable Fast Forwarding checkbox and then click Save. (Note that students who go back to review the video will not be able to fast forward to a particular spot. They will need to rewatch the entire video.)


  9. Click on the Save button of your quiz.


  10. Click the Close button.


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