Using Zoom with D2L

Schedule a Zoom Meeting

  1. Navigate [Collaboration] -> [Zoom Meetings].

  2. On the new popup window, click on [Schedule a New Meeting].

  3. On the Schedule a Meeting window, fill in the details of your meeting.
    If its a recurring meeting, check the [Recurring meeting] box below for additional options.

  4. Continue configuring the options below as needed. Click [Save] when finished.

Add Zoom into a Content Module

  1. Click [Add a module...] and give the module a name, such as [Zoom].

  2. Click [Collaboration] -> [Zoom Meetings].

    NOTE: If you're getting the following error screen, please be sure you create a Zoom account first using your LSC Employee Email Address. Refer to the instructions at Getting Started with LSC Zoom.

  3. Click [Accept] on the following screen. This screen will only appear when adding Zoom for the first time.

  4. Click [Personal Meeting Room].

  5. Scroll down and click [Copy Meeting Invitation].

  6. Click [Copy Meeting Invitation].

  7. Back on the Content page, click [Add a description...] then paste the copied meeting invitation text into the description of the module created in step 1.

  8. Your Zoom module should now have the full meeting info included, instruct your students to click on the [Join Zoom Meeting] link to join your Personal Meeting Room on Zoom. This Personal Meeting Room link is permanent and will always take students to your Personal Meeting Room on Zoom.

NOTE: When a Zoom meeting is created, updated, or deleted, the D2L Calendar will also be updated.