What is a Lightboard?

LSC-Online and some Lone Star College campuses have a lightboard available to help you create more engaging videos for your online courses.  Watch the demo video below to see a lightboard in action.

For more information about which campuses have a lightboard available to faculty, please visit the Multimedia Services page. Click here to schedule a recording session with the LSC-Online lightboard, located on the LSC-UP campus.

Tips for Using a Lightboard:

  • Wear dark colored clothing.
  • Avoid clothing with a busy pattern – solid colors work best.
  • Avoid clothing with text or a logo - it will be displayed backwards!
  • Do not show any paper documents with text – it will be displayed backwards!
  • When writing on the board, leave an empty area for your face so the viewer can easily see your expressions.
  • The neon ink is more difficult to erase than regular dry erase marker ink.  It is best to edit out the parts when you erase the glass.
  • Note: A teleprompter cannot be used in conjunction with a lightboard.