Add a File to a Module

Once you have created a module or sub-module in your table of contents, you can add topics to that module.

To add files from your computer, such as your syllabus and instructional materials:

  1. Click the module in the Table of Contents.

  2. Click on the [New] button.

    Identifies the New button to add topics to a module

  3. Choose [Upload Files].

    Identifies the Upload Files option on the New menu

  4. In the Add a File window, choose the [My Computer] option.

    Identifies My Computer on the Add a File window

  5. On the next window, you can either drag and drop a single file or multiple files from your computer into the upload box. Alternatively, you can click the [Upload] button to locate file(s) on your computer. After you have added your file(s) to the upload box, click the [Add] button to finish uploading and adding your file(s) to the module.

    Identifies file upload button and the Add buttonShows a completed file uploaded with files in the module

NOTE: Uploaded PowerPoint files do not display correctly when using the option View as Text. The text will display incorrectly and be unreadable. When viewing a PowerPoint file make sure you and your students are using [View as Page] when viewing the PowerPoint in D2L. Your students can also download the file if necessary by clicking [Download]. There are also instructions you can provide your students for downloading files from Content.