Use Turnitin Feedback Studio (Online Grading) with an Assignment

  1. From the Evaluation & Feedback panel, click Manage Turnitin.
    For general settings in Turnitin Feedback Studio, see Use Turnitin with Assignments.

    Identifies the Manage Turnitin link on the Evaluation & Feedback panel.
  2. In the Turnitin Integration popup window, select Enable Online Grading.
  3. From the Transfer area, select the appropriate radio button.
    • Automatically sync grades as Draft in Brightspace - Allows Online Grading to push grades to D2L automatically, but they will be in draft mode.
    • Manually sync grades as Draft in Brightspace - Requires you to push grades to D2L manually.

      Identifies transfer options; indicates Turnitin tab and Enable Grademark for this folder checkbox 
  4. If you want to use the Similarity Report function, click on the checkbox next to "Enable Similarity Report for this folder."
    Indicates Enable Originality Check checkbox

    NOTE: Text submission in WYSIWYG editor is NOT recommended as it may not generate a similarity report.

    NOTE: "Enable Similarity Report for this folder" is selected by default when you enable Online Grading. You must enable this prior to receiving submissions. If  "Enable Similarity Report for this folder" is not checked before any papers are submitted, similarity reports will not be generated for any submissions, even if you click the checkbox later.

Open an assignment submission in Turnitin Feedback Studio.

  1. On the Folder Submissions page, click the pencil icon next to the submission.
    Identifies GradeMark pencil icon
  2. Add comments, highlight text, save, and print your Feedback Studio report using the available tools in the menu bar.
TIP: For more detailed help with Feedback Studio functionality, click the Help menu icon on the Feedback Studio screen.

Allowable File Extensions with Turnitin Feedback Studio

Instructors can now restrict file types to those supported by Turnitin with the option Compatible with Turnitin. If an invalid type is submitted, an error is reported with no other side effect.

Indicates the Allowable File Extensions dropdown menu and shows the menu

If you would like to use Turnitin from the website rather than through the integration with D2L, please contact VTAC.