Copy an Award from Another Course

To copy awards from another course, including all the release conditions associated with the award, you must use the Import/Export/Copy Components tool.

  1. In the course offering you want to copy the award into, click [Course Management] on the navbar and click on [Course Admin].

  2. Click [Import/Export/Copy Components].

  3. Select [Copy Components from another Org Unit].

  4. Click [Search for offering].

  5. Locate and select the course containing the award you want to copy.

  6. Click [Add Selected].

    WARNING! Do NOT click the blue Copy All Components button. 

  7. Click [Select Components] button at the bottom of the screen.
    Indicates not to click the Copy All Components button and identifies Select Components button.
  8. Select [Awards], then do one of the following:

    • To include all items, select [Copy all items], then click [Continue].

    • To include only some awards, select [Select individual items to copy], then click Continue.

    • On the Select Items to Copy page, select the items you want to copy. Click [Continue].
      Shows selection options and the Continue button.

  9. Click [Continue].

  10. Click [Finish].

NOTE: For a more detailed explanation of how to use the Import/Export/Copy Components tool, refer to Copy Course Components (Advanced).