Add ALEKS Math and Science/Chemistry (LTI 1.3) to Your D2L Course

NOTE: LSC-Online does not have access to your ALEKS account. For integrations issues, please contact your ALEKS representative. Refer to Pairing Your Brightspace Course to an ALEKS Course. ALEKS now includes Science/Chemistry and Math (formerly Campus Math).

Adding ALEKS to your Course Content Module

  1. Go to [Content] and select the module where you want to insert the ALEKS integration. For example, add a module and give it a name such as "ALEKS".

  2. In your new module, click on [Add Existing Activities], then select [Third-party Integrations].

    Identifies the Third Part Integrations button

  3. Click the [ALEKS 1.3] link.

    Identifies the ALEKS 1.3 button

  4. The tool must also be configured to open as an external resource. Click the drop-down arrow and select [Edit Properties in Place].

    Identifies the navigation from drop-down menu to Edit Properties in Place

  5. Place a check mark in [Open as External Resource].

    Identifies the Open as External Resource checkbox

Pairing your ALEKS Account to Brightspace or Creating a New ALEKS Account

  1. On the Welcome to ALEKS page, choose [No, I am new to ALEKS], then select your campus from the drop-down menu. After choosing your campus, click [Continue].
    1. If you are using a different textbook from the previous textbook that is linked to ALEKS, you will need to select [No, I am new to ALEKS].
    2. The [Yes, I want to use my existing ALEKS account] option will relink the last course you unlinked.

      Navigates the steps on clicking

      Identifies the drop-down menu to select your school

      Identifies the Continue button

  2. On the Enter Your Personal Information page, ALEKS will auto-populate your first name, last name, and Email address.
    Check the [I Agree] checkbox and click [Continue].

    Navigates the fields that need to be filled in

  3. Choose [A New ALEKS Class].

    Identifies the

  4. Select [New Class].

    Identifies the

  5. On the Class Information and Content page, fill out the fields as needed: Instructor, Class Dates, Textbook, and ALEKS Course Product.

    Identifies the fields for Instructor, Class Dates, Textbook, ALEKS Course Product

  6. On the Textbook field, the generated list will be based on your chosen campus. When you're finished, click [Next] at the bottom.

    NOTE: Some campuses do not have all CHEM and MATH Course options. Only campuses that have MATH courses will show MATH textbooks, and campuses that only have CHEM will only show CHEM textbooks.

    Navigates the steps for Textbook, Texbook drop-down menu, and the Next button

  7. On the Class Options page, configure the settings to suit your class. Listed below in the screenshot are the default settings.
    When finished, click [Create Class].

    Identifies the Create Class button

  8. Click [Continue] to finalize your ALEKS account.

    Identifies the Continue button

Unpairing your ALEKS Account to Brightspace

  1.  While in ALEKS, hover the cursor over your name in the top right and choose [Settings].

    Indicates the Settings button under your name in the upper right corner of the page.

  2. Under Pairing Status, Click on [Paired].

    Identifies the Pairing Status: Paired button.

  3. On the Edit Account Pairing page, click on [Unpair Account Now], this will complete the unpairing process.

    Identifies the Unpair Account Now button.