Record your iPad screen and upload it to the Yuja Library

Generate a recording that captures both your voice and the activity on your iPad screen by following these instructions:

Add Screen Recording to Ipad “Control Center"

  1. Open the iPad's home screen and select [Settings].

  2. Next, select [Control Center] located on the right side of your screen. If [Screen Recording] is already turned on, you will find it listed in the Included Controls tab.

  3. If you don't see it in the Included Controls tab, you can find it in the More Controls tab. Just tap on the [+] sign to enable it. Afterward, you can exit the iPad Settings by pressing the [Home] button.

Create the Screen Recording

  1. Launch the desired application. In this instance, we'll use PowerPoint; however, Microsoft Whiteboard is also a viable option.

  2. Select a presentation.

  3.  Select [Slide Show].

  4.  Have the finger lightly pressed on the Battery/WiFi icon in the Upper-Right Corner and Swipe Down or diagonally towards the middle, that should pull down the Control Panel.

  5. Tap the [Record] icon.

  6. Make sure the microphone is turned on. Then, choose [Start Recording]. Swipe upwards to collapse the panel.

  7. Once finished, swipe again to the upper right and tap the [Flashing red button] with a white rectangle icon to stop your recording.

Yuja Upload

  1. Choose the [YuJa Mobile] application. (To install Yuja Mobile for iOS read this article).

  2. In the Institution selection box, type Lone Star College.

  3. Select [Lone Star College Single-Sign-On] and sign in with your Lone Star College credentials (LSC email and password)

  4. Click on the [Upload] option located on the black ribbon at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Within the Manage Upload page, select the [blue upload icon] located in the bottom right corner.

  6. Select [Upload Video].

  7. Choose the video you have recently recorded.

  8. Enter a name for your video in the provided box.

  9. The video you recorded will be located in your Yuja library under the [Manage Media] section.