If Students Cannot Access Quiz Through LockDown Browser

If students have trouble accessing your quiz using LockDown Browser, check the following:

The current version of LockDown Browser will be listed on the LockDown Browser Version History page. Instruct students to contact the IT Service Desk if this is not the version you have.

  1. Students should always access quizzes through either one of the following two routes:

     1) Access the quiz through the Content module designated by the Instructor.
     2) Access the quiz through Course Activities > Quizzes

    If students try to access the quiz through the link in the Update widget from the course homepage, they could get an error.

  2. After a course copy, faculty must access the LockDown Browser Dashboard to re-sync all the settings. If you do not access the LockDown Browser Dashboard before the students take a quiz requiring LDB, your students may see the following error:

    Shows LockDown Browser error message seen by students.
    The solution is simply to access the LockDown Browser Dashboard by going to Course Activities > Quizzes > LockDown Browser tab.

  3. If the title of the quiz is changed after the LDB settings are established, the [Fix It] button will return and have to be clicked again to resolve issues.

What to Try Now

  1. From the Navbar, select [Course Activities], and then select [Quizzes].

  2. Select the LockDown Browser tab. The LockDown Browser Dashboard listing of all quizzes displays. Indicate if they have LockDown browser or Monitor enabled.

    Identifies LockDown Browser tab.

  3. If you see an alert asking you "Application Respondus v4.0 by Respondus Inc is trying to access your information. Would you like to proceed?" select the checkbox for [Do not ask me again for this application], and then click [Continue].

    Identifies Do Not Ask again box on the LockDown Browser Continue screen.
  4. If you see the [Fix It] button listed on a quiz, click it, as it fixes settings with errors.

    Shows LockDown Browser Dashboard and indicates

  5. If you see [Required] button in green, you are all set.
    Shows Required indicator for an exam

Still Having Trouble?