Extend Course Access for a Student

Follow the steps below to request extended student access to a course in D2L for a student with an incomplete.

NOTE: This will only affect your D2L classroom, not the student's academic record in iStar.

  1. Login to D2L.

  2. Select [VTAC Support] in the Navbar.
    Identifies VTAC Support

  3. In the [Self-Service] column under [User Access], click [Extend Student Access].

    Identifies the Extended Student Access link in the User Access list.

  4.  On the form that opens up, under [Select a Course], select the semester from the [Course Filters].

    Identifies the Select a Course filter options

  5. Indicate either [Credit] or [CE].

  6.  Select from [Courses Available].

  7. Click in the textbox [Select End Date] and navigate to the date that you want the extension to end.

  8. Click [Populate].

    Indicates the Student Selection populate button and identifies the End Date field.

  9. Select the student or students' names from the list by clicking them. If selected they will turn blue.

  10. Click [Submit].

See Access a Course as an Incomplete Student for student instructions for accessing the course.