Reconcile Your D2L and iStar Rosters

At times the D2L Classlist does not reflect the roster in MyLoneStar. To correct the D2L Classlist:

  1. Sign in to D2L.

  2. Click the [VTAC Support] link in the Navbar.

  3. In the Self-Service column under User Access, click [Reconcile Your Rosters].

    Identifies Reconcile Your Rosters link

  4. In the window that opens, select a term, then click the [Select] button.

    Indicates Select Term options on Verify Roster form

    You will see any conflicts listed under Message(s). The number at the end of the bar is the number of roster discrepancies.

    Identifies Example of discrepancies on Verify Roster form
  5. For each student that needs to be enrolled or unenrolled, click the [Enroll into D2L] or [Un-Enroll from D2L] button next to the student’s name.  

    Shows Un-enroll from D2L button on Verify Roster form