YuJa Tips


  • To navigate to YuJa in D2L, please use the following route: D2L NavBar -> [Course Activities] -> [YuJa Media Platform].

  • Do NOT manually create grade items in D2L for YuJa quizzes.
    You must use the YuJa auto-generated grade item that is created when a YuJa quiz is added into a D2L module through YuJa Media Quicklink.

  • When properly importing a Yuja Video Quiz or Playback Quiz into your D2L course, it will automatically generate a grade item in your D2L gradebook. The default point value for YuJa grade items is 100 points. If you prefer to change this, please remember to do so BEFORE your students begin taking the Video Quiz or Playback Quiz. Changing the point value for the grade item AFTER grades have already appeared for it in the D2L gradebook will alter the grades already received. However, there is a way to correct this if you manually re-sync the grades from the YuJa gradebook to D2L by following the steps in this article.

  • The [Publish] option in the YuJa Media Library does NOT post the video to your D2L course, it only posts the video to your designated course channel within YuJa.

  • When you are creating a news announcement and need to embed a YuJa video, use the Source Code (HTML Editor) option, instead of the [Insert stuff] -> [Enter Embed code] route.

  • Do NOT set Start/End Dates in YuJa for any quiz, these dates should be set from within the D2L course.

  • You can use an iPad to record YuJa videos, but you can NOT edit YuJa videos on an iPad.
    If you have a Mac, an iPad can be used as a secondary screen.

  • YouTube videos and associated quizzes were NOT be migrated from Knowmia to YuJa.

  • YuJa Video Quizzes currently does NOT permit Question Stacking, or the stacking of questions at the same time point of the video. There needs to be at least 1 second between questions in a video quiz.

  • The YuJa Mobile App is for students, viewing content, not for content creation or reporting.

  • The YuJa Software Capture is for content creation. The YuJa Browser Capture is very limited.
    For details, please refer to the article Record With YuJa Software Capture.

  • Adding a YuJa Media QuickLink is recommended, rather than embedding. The Embed option does not give you the ability to create a playback quiz.

  • To create a playlist in YuJa, Create a Folder -> Add your Videos ->  Share the folder link to students.

  • While using the YuJa Video Editor, the image or background that gets added will not be available to preview. You will be able to see the changes only after you save the video.

  • When you import a video into your Media Library, even though the thumbnail appears almost immediately on your YuJa dashboard, you will not have the option to ‘edit’ the video until the video is completely imported.

  • If students access videos using direct links it won't count towards the analytics. Please do not use direct links for YuJa Video Quizzes that are meant to be graded.

  • Currently the D2L/YuJa Gradebook Auto-sync only lasts 30 days from the beginning of a YuJa Video/Playback Quiz's creation date. Once this limit is reached, the quiz will no longer auto-sync with the D2L Gradebook. If your YuJa Video/Playback Quiz Grades are not syncing, or not transferring to the D2L Gradebook correctly, please follow the steps in this article to manually extend the Auto-sync.

  • Mac users cannot switch video source mid-session.

  • Playback quiz progress is now continuous and can be resumed across separate viewing sessions.

  • The [Live] option in the YuJa Software Capture (Desktop) publishes only to YuJa Media Library and the course channel in YuJa.

  • Quiz question type- Reflective Pause will NOT generate a grade item.

  • To share a video through YuJa, use [Edit Access] instead of Full Access, as Full Access will allow the collaborator to delete the video.

Features Coming Soon & Known Issues

  • Video Quiz- Stacking multiple questions at a single point in time.
  • Previewing your selected virtual background in Video Editor.
  • Previewing your Slide Override is currently not available.
  • Add Video option is currently unavailable in the Video Editor for multi stream videos.
  • Media Chooser will have a similar look as Media Library.
  • Instructors will soon be able to enable/disable pausing during a video quiz.
  • Quiz question type- Decision Point. Currently this appears, but it's not working.
  • Insert Stuff icon currently does not generate a grade item.