Add True+Way ASL to your D2L Course

True+Way ASL American Sign Language curriculum for faculty and students is 100% digital with quizzes, tests, rubrics, lecture slides, worksheets, etc. You can import IMS Common Cartridge packages to access the content provided by the publisher. Please note that you will be required to provide a token/code to the vendor to activate the course once the course package has been imported.

Submit support requests for True+Way ASL by emailing True+Way ASL will respond within a business day. All communication is done via email. Access drop in support by visiting monthly Teacher "drop-in" hours.

Additional resources can be found in each course, by clicking on [What's the Sign?] on the course menu, and then click on [Course Resources] tab for more resources as well as the [How To Guide] tab for video and paper-based guidance anytime.

Add True+Way ASL to your D2L Course

  1. Once you have received the D2L Course Cartridge from the publisher download it to your computer, follow the instructions in the Import Zipped Content VTAC article to import the cartridge to your D2L course.
  2. After the cartridge has been imported into your D2L course, faculty will need to provide True+Way ASL a Token to activate the course. To access the course token, navigate to the course content and select the module [TRUE+WAY ASL eWorkbook] and click the [What’s the Sign?] link located in the module.

  1. Copy the text under What’s the Sign? (listed below) Provide this information to True+Way ASL via email:
    {"message":"Give TRUE+WAY ASL your token to activate this course XXXXXXXXXXXX"}

  1. You will receive an email confirmation from TRUE+WAY ASL once the course is active. Once the course is active, clicking on [What’s the Sign?] link again will display the search bar.

Student Access to TRUE+WAY ASL

  1. Students will need to navigate to [Content] and access the [TRUE+WAY ASL eWorkbook] module. From within the module, click [Sign Up].

  1. Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by placing a check mark in the [Check Box].

    1. Click [Enter Access Code] if you have an access code
    2. Click [Make Payment] to make a payment.

  1. Enter the access code, then click [Submit].

  1. You will get a confirmation message that the textbook is unlocked, and your token will be provided here.