Publish a Quiz or Question Library from Respondus to D2L

Respondus allows a quiz or question library to be published to a D2L course or courses.

If you have not installed Respondus 4.0, see Installing or Updating Respondus 4.0 & StudyMate Author.

Publishing a Quiz or Question Library to D2L

  1. In Respondus, [Open or Create] the quiz or question library.

    Displays the main page.

  2. Select the [Preview & Publish] tab. From the menu on the left, click the [Publish] option.

    Displays the Preview + Publish tab option.

  3. Click the [Publish Wizard] button.

    Shows a mouse hovering over the Publish Wizard option.

  4. From the [Publish Wizard] window, select an option for type of publish. The most common option is [Publish to a single course].

    Displays publish options

  5. Select the server you have previously configured.

    Displays server selection

    NOTE: If there is no server created yet, follow steps A-D. Otherwise, skip this section.

    1. Select [-add new server-] from the dropdown menu.

       Shows 'add new server' selection.

    2. Respondus may be preconfigured to connect to D2L. Select [Yes, check for preconfigured server settings]. Click [Next].

      Displays selection for preconfiured server settings.

    3. Enter a name for the server, your LSC system username, and your Respondus password. See Respondus 4.0 Installation if you do not have the Respondus/D2L password. If Respondus is installed on your computer, and not used by others, you may check [Save my User Name and Password].  Choose whether to Run or Skip the connection test. Click [Next].

      Displays preconfiured server settings.

    4. Click [Finish].

      Displays completed server setup and Finish button.
  6. Click [Next] to begin the connection to the server.

    NOTE: If the connection fails, contact LSC Online through or make an appointment with a technologist.

  7. Select the course to publish your questions.

    Displays course selection dropdown menu.

  8. Select [Create New Quiz] or [Create New Section] to create a question library.

  9. Enter a name for the quiz or question library.

    Displays Create Assessment Type options.

  10. Click the [Next] button (not pictured).

    NOTE: The publish process will take between 15 seconds to several minutes, depending on several factors: the speed of your connection, the load on the server, the size of the media elements that are being retrieved, and so forth.

    You will know that the publish is successful by the statement “Completed successfully” that appears in the status box.

    Displays publish status box and identifies

  11. Click [Finish]

If you created and uploaded math symbols or equations to Brightspace using Respondus, see Respondus 4.0 Guides & Videos to download the full Guide for details.