Using the Virtual Teaching Assistance Center (VTAC)

The Virtual Teaching Assistance Center (VTAC) is an online knowledge base located at  This should be the first place you go for help – it will most likely have the information you need.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to suggest an article using the link at the top of the page. 

The Home Page

As you start out on the home page, notice you can scroll down to view the new and most popular articles on the site.

The Left Menu

The table of contents is broken down into several categories.  As you click on an category, it expands to show the articles pertaining to that topic.

The Search Box

Shows the Search box.

If you are looking for help on a specific topic, enter keywords into the search box near the top right.  As you type, article titles containing your keywords will pop up below. When you hit enter, a more exhaustive list of articles appears.

One-On-One Support

If you would like one-on-one instructional design or technology support for your online course, click on VTAC Support near the top of the table of contents and log in to your account.

Shows VTAC Support menu item.

To log in, you will enter your email address, not your username, and on the next screen enter your password. (The email you use needs to be your primary email address, not an alias that IT has set up for you.)

Shows login screens

Click on the Assistance heading to see an explanation of the available options.

Identifies Assistance heading

Your options include chat and phone support, as well as individual phone or Webex appointments with Instructional Technologists or Instructional Designers.

Access From D2L

To get to VTAC from D2L, click on the VTAC Support link on the navbar.
Identifies the VTAC support link.