Push a Presentation to Students Using ePortfolio

Push functionality enables instructors to provide examples and template ePortfolio items for students.

  1. Click on Collaboration on the navbar and choose ePortfolio
  2. Click the down arrow next to the Title of the presentation and choose Push.
     Indicates menu and Identifies Push option.
  3. In most cases, leaving the option “Automatically include associated items” checked is preferred. Identifies Next button.
  4. Click Next, then search for or select the appropriate students or groups to push to.
    • When pushing to the class, simply select the Courses tab, click the title of the course, then click Push
    • Multiple selections from multiple tabs can be made at once by simply clicking on each of the desired people.  
  5. Click Yes on the confirmation prompt. 
  6. The presentation is now copied to the selected students’ ePortfolios.