Brainfuse - Online Student Tutoring

Brainfuse is currently being offered for all classes. Students also have access to Tutor Match through Brainfuse with no cap on the number of minutes used.

Brainfuse covers a wide variety of subjects. For more information about student services available in Brainfuse, see this Brainfuse article.

Shows the Brainfuse dashboard

With the Brainfuse dashboard, you can individualize and manage your student's live tutoring or writing lab experience. In doing so, you have more control over the student's learning outcomes and success.  

Academic Tools

Faculty have access to ‘Academic tools’ as part of Brainfuse. The Meet collaboration tool allows you to schedule synchronous sessions for instruction. Each tutoring assignment is sent as an email to the student.

For more information, see the Brainfuse Faculty Dashboard Quick Guide Shows the Faculty Dashboard and Academic Tools dropdown menu.

To add the Brainfuse Dashboard to your course:

  1. Navigate to a module in your course
  2. Click on [Add Existing Activities]
  3. Choose [Third Party Integrations]
  4. Click on [Brainfuse] to add the dashboard.
  5. Once the dashboard is added, please refer to the documentation below for instructions on using it. If you have questions, please contact VTAC.

Documentation for Brainfuse Dashboard:

Brainfuse Faculty Dashboard Quick Guide

Webinar on Using Brainfuse

*The LEAP Learning Platform is not currently available. If you are looking for diagnostic testing for your student, review our SmarterMeasure Online Readiness Tool article.

Brainfuse HelpNow User Guide - HigherEd.pdf