Edit and Manage Existing Rubrics

In order to protect data integrity, D2L sets several restrictions on editing rubrics once they have been published or paired with an activity.  The following note indicates when rubrics cannot be modified.

Note on Rubric Status
  • You cannot associate Learning Activities with draft or archived rubrics.
  • Rubric status must be set to a “Published” state before it can be paired with an activity.
  • Rubrics cannot be edited while published or paired with activities.
  • Once a rubric has been used to assess an activity, it cannot be edited or deleted.
  • Existing associations with archived rubrics are maintained.

The following sections indicate how to edit existing rubrics when they are not locked due to publication or saved assessment data.

Edit Rubric

  1. From the Rubrics page, click the rubric to edit.
  2. Make any changes to rubric Properties.
  3. Make any changes to rubric levels and criteria.
  4. Make any changes to rubric Options.
  5. Click Close.

Copying Existing Rubrics

Copying a rubric creates a new rubric based on an existing rubric in the same course (org unit). The new rubric has the same properties, levels and criteria, and is shared with the same courses as the original rubric.

From the Rubrics page, click Copy from the context menu of the rubric you want to copy.  The new copy will be listed in your Rubrics page. You can then edit its properties, criteria, levels, and options.