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LSC-Online has composed a white paper showcasing proctorless assessments. This white paper provides faculty with a perspective on optional methods of assessment.

Download the white paper: An Appraisal of Proctorless Assessments: A Higher Education Perspective

Proctorless assessments run the gamut from techniques for increasing test security within an online testing environment, to other means of assessments including projects, essays, group work, take-home exams, and ePortfolios. Generally speaking, college students are accustomed to these alternate assessment methods, as they were more likely exposed to them in elementary/secondary schooling. Although these assessments do preclude the need for a proctor, it must be conceded that they are more cumbersome to develop, and take longer to grade than simple multiple-choice questions. However, a satisfying benefit is that these alternate assessments often land higher on Bloom’s Taxonomy, as they tend to assess higher-order cognitive skills. They may also help to mitigate student misuse of test banks, i.e. for cheating, rather than for legitimate study purposes.

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For additional information related to assessment planning, check out the Recommended Practices in Online Course Design and Delivery. 

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