Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor Dashboard - Settings

NOTE: If you copy quizzes requiring LockDown Browser from one semester to the next, you must visit the LockDown Browser Dashboard at the beginning of each semester in order to "reset" the quizzes. If you don't open the Dashboard screen, the quizzes may not open for your students. You may need to do this every time you copy a quiz into the course.

Respondus LockDown Browser ensures the integrity of your exam by limiting what students can do while they are using the browser, which now also features Instructor Live Proctoring. You can refer to articles Overview of Features and Instructor Resources on the Respondus website. 

In addition to the resources above, Respondus answers common questions about a rapid rollout and are offering daily training webinars regarding both LockDown Browser and Monitor.

NOTE: If students are having issues launching Respondus Monitor (Webcam proctoring feature) for your exam, we strongly recommend referring your students to instructions on how to access Respondus Live Chat Help.

Locating the Dashboard

  1. Go into your course and click [Course Activities] > [Quizzes].

    Course Activities menu dropdown with Quizzes selected.

  2. Click the [LockDown Browser] tab.

    Indicates LockDown Browser tab

  3. Select play on the Video Tutorial or click [Continue to LockDown Browser]. If you chose to watch the Video Tutorial, click [Continue to LockDown Browser] when finished. The page that opens lists all the quizzes in your course.

    Displays the  Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard.

Setting Up Your Quizzes in the Dashboard

  1. After the dashboard is open, find the quiz to modify.

  2. Click the drop-down arrow in front of the quiz name and select [Settings].

    Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard indicating the dropdown menu to find the Settings option

  3. Under LockDown Browser Settings, select the radio button [Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam]. This will expand the basic setting options. Optionally, check the box for [Require LockDown Browser to view feedback and results].

    Displays LockDown Browser settings

  4. Under Password Settings, enter a password if you want to allow proctoring through a testing center as an alternative.

    Displays Password Settings
  5. Click [ + ] Advanced Settings to expand the LockDown Browser advanced settings menu. Choose desired options.

    Displays LockDown Browser Advanced Settings

    NOTE: Although the option is available for the iPad device for LockDown Browser, it does not support the screen recording feature. Respondus LDB and Monitor function on both Chromebooks and iPads.

    See image below for the option to enable LockDown Browser on iPad:

  6. Under Proctoringselect the desired setting. If you wish to use Respondus Monitor, choose [Require Respondus Monitor (automated proctoring) for this exam].

    Proctoring options shown

    NOTE: For more information on the option [Allow instructor live proctoring for this exam (via Zoom, Teams, etc)], please see the Instructor Live Proctoring with LockDown Browser VTAC Article.

  7. If you select Respondus Monitor, edit the Startup Sequence only if you are sure what you want to change. The default settings are adequate in most cases.

    LockDown Browser settings with Monitor Webcam Settings highlighted and Startup Sequence highlighted.

  8. Click [ + ] Advanced Settings to expand the Monitor Webcam advanced settings menu and choose your desired options.

  9. Click [Save + Close].

    Displays the Save + Close button

NOTE: Please refer to Respondus Monitor Teaching Scenarios for more insight on the appropriate settings for Respondus Monitor, and when to use them.

Allow This Exam to Additionally be Delivered in a Proctored Lab

Under the [+] Advanced Settings option is the ability to have students choose to use either a webcam (Respondus Monitor) or take the exam in a proctored environment with a password. You can add a password to your exam by following the first fours steps from the above process Setting Up Your Quizzes in the Dashboard. When a student starts the exam they will be given a choice between [I want to use a webcam (Respondus Monitor)] or [I'm at a proctored location], where a Proctor can enter the access code to allow them to start the exam.

Identifies the option under Advanced Settings.Shows option of using a webcam or an access code at a proctored location.

NOTE: You must add a Password to your exam for this feature to work.

Enable Show Your Work Feature in Respondus Monitor

The Show Your Work feature allows students to upload hi-resolution images of worksheets they've prepared during their exam. If this setting is enabled by the instructor, students will be given the opportunity to upload photos of their work immediately after they submit their exam.

NOTE: This feature is only available if Respondus Monitor has been selected as the proctoring option for the exam.

Instructors can also edit the default text students will see when they encounter the Show Your Work page. Click on the [Edit Text] link.

It is also recommended that the instructor enable the "Additional Instructions" step in the startup sequence, and edit the message to include an explanation of the Show Your Work requirement, including any specific requirements that the instructor may have. This will alert students to the requirement before they begin the exam. 

You can find more info in the Using the "Show Your Work" feature in Respondus Monitor article.

Enabling Screen Recording feature in Respondus Monitor

The Screen Recording option will enable Respondus Monitor to record a video of the student's screen which will appear alongside the webcam video in Class Results. To enable this feature, click the checkbox for the option [Record the screen while the student is taking this exam] under Recording Options.

NOTE: This feature is only available if Respondus Monitor has been selected as the proctoring option for the exam.

Shows the location of the Screen Recording option

The screen recording video for an exam session initially appears below the webcam video in the proctoring results. By clicking the screen recording video, it will swap places with the webcam video as the primary video window, and the thumbnail images found below will also change to the screen recording view. Click on the webcam video to switch it back to the primary video window.

NOTE: Currently screen recording is only available to students using Windows, Mac computers, and Chromebooks. There are currently no plans to support screen recording on iPads since screen activity is less useful (e.g., no mouse movement).

Students using iPads can still access Quizzes with this setting applied, but their screen will not be recorded.


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