Publish Quizzes Manually if They Do Not Appear in the Gradebook

If your quizzes do not automatically publish to the gradebook, it is likely because the Evaluation & Feedback panel for the quiz is not configured correctly.

Configuring a Quiz to Publish Grades

  1. In the Navbar, select [Course Activities], and then select [Quizzes].

    Indicates Course Activities on the Navbar and Identifies Quizzes

  2. From the Manage Quizzes page, click the drop-down arrow next to the quiz you'd like to edit and select [Edit].

  3. Make sure you have linked the quiz to a grade item. You can do this under Grade Out Of. See Publish Quiz Grades for details.

  4. In the Evaluation & Feedback panel, make sure the [Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion] checkbox is selected.

  5. Make sure the [Synchronize to grade book on publish] checkbox is selected. (If this option is greyed out, that means the quiz is not linked to a grade item, so return to step 3).

  6. If you check [Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion] after students have taken the quiz, those students' grades will not be published. You must publish them manually. See the following steps for details.

NOTE: If you only check the [Synchronize to grade book on publish] setting after students have taken the quiz, and [Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion] was already checked, then you will NOT have to publish grades manually.

Manually Publish Quiz Grades

  1. Click [Course Activities] > [Quizzes].

  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the quiz title, and then select Grade.

    Indicates Drop Down Menu arrow and indicates Grade option on quiz context menu

  3. Check the Select All checkbox at the top of the select column, and then click [Publish] above the list of names.

    Indicates Publish Feedback link and Select All checkbox.

  4. Click [Yes] on the resulting pop-up window to complete the publication of grades.

    Identifies Yes button

  5. The grades will now indicate Published.

    Shows Grades published

  6. If you do not wish to publish the grades, click [Retract Feedback] to remove Published status and return the grade to a Draft state.