Use Classlist

Classlist is the place to view your complete course roster in D2L. You can email students and set quiz accommodations. 

  •  Click on the [Collaboration] menu, then click [Classlist].

Add or Remove Students

If the Classlist does not match your myLonestar (iStar) Roster, use the Reconcile Your D2L and iStar Rosters tool to correct it.


It is recommended to email students using the Classlist. Instructions are found in Send Email in D2L.

Set Accommodations

If you receive an accommodation letter for a student, you can adjust in the Classlist the student's time for all quizzes and the ability to bypass right-click restrictions in quizzes.

  1. Use the [dropdown arrow] next to the student's name and click [Edit Accommodations].
    Identifies drop down arrow and Identifies Edit Accommodations choice.

  2. Select the accommodation options. Time Limit modifications can be applied in terms of Quiz Time Multipliers (for example, 1.5x quiz time) or Extra Time (for example, an additional 30 minutes) on every quiz in a course. Click [Save] when you are done.
    Shows accomodation options for quizzes.

  3. Once granted, these accommodations apply to all quiz activities in a course for that learner and a symbol indicating accommodations are set for that student appears beside their name.
    Classlist with accomodation icon indicated.

NOTE: Quiz-specific special access can overwrite an accommodation for any user on a quiz-by-quiz basis. When you overwrite an accommodation and then click [Save], a warning describing the impact of overwriting the accommodation appears.