Course Tours

Are you curious how other faculty set up their D2L courses?  Watch the videos below and get a guided tour of different types of courses, lead by the instructor who built them.  This is a great way to learn and get inspired by your peers!

If you would like to record a video tour of a D2L course you built, please contact Eddie Brega.

MATH 0314/1314 with Julayne Sallay (0:35)

  • Includes combining a co-req into a single gradebook, awards, and creating videos with quizzes
  • Recorded on 5/22/20

PSYC 2301 with Ann Reed (0:26)

  • Includes using a gaming-style level up gradebook
  • Recorded on 4/28/20

ENGL 1301 with Van Piercy, PhD (0:54)

  • A Quality Matters inspired course
  • Recorded on 7/23/20