Grade an Assignment with a Rubric

See Connect a Rubric to an Assignment for information on connecting a rubric to your assignment.

You can evaluate a student's assignment submission using a rubric associated with the assignment folder. For each associated rubric, you can grade each student based on set criteria, and you can also provide additional feedback in the text box.

  1. Click [Course Activities] on the navbar and select Assignments.

  2. Select the assignment folder and click the submission under the student's name to grade.  

  3. Click the rubric listed or the [Assess Rubrics] icon under Rubrics to the right of the student's assignment. If you click [Assess Rubrics], the rubrics will open in a popup window.

    Shows a collapsed unscored Rubric

  4. In either view, click a criterion for each level. If you want to leave feedback for each criterion, click [Add Feedback] under the criterion description.

      Regular View                                                                                        Pop-Out View
         Identifies Add Feedback link

  5. When you are done with the rubric, click the [Close] button.

  6. The score will be transferred from the rubric to the Score field. If you would like to include any general feedback, enter it in the Feedback field.
    Indicates Score and Feedback fields.

  7. Click the [Publish] button if you would like to immediately publish or [Save Draft] if you do not want to publish.


    • If you have not scored every criteria in the rubric, you will receive a warning that the rubric is incomplete. You can choose [Continue Grading] to go back and complete the rubric or click [publish anyway].

      Shows warning notification

  8. Incomplete Rubrics will display some details regarding their incomplete status.
    Shows a collapsed incomplete Rubric