How to Share Course Materials with Others

How to Share Course Material through a Community Group

  1. The owner/sharer/coordinator of the course materials creates a community group, following the directions in Create a Community Group. This person is the Group Manager.
  2. The Group Manager adds content to the community group by:
  3. Once ready, the Group Manager shares the community group by adding people following the directions in Add People to a Community Group
    • Course roles and permissions are listed on Add a User to a Course.
      NOTE: To prevent edits, we recommend using the Copy Only role. Before adding users that can edit, we recommend the Group Manager creates a backup copy of the community group by copying it into a sandbox or another community group. 
  4. Instructors who have been added to the community group can now copy it into their own course, following the directions in Copy Course Components.
  5. After the copy is completed, the instructor should edit the content as necessary.

How to Share Course Materials through an Exported Course

Courses can be exported from D2L as a .zip file and that file can be shared with other instructors. An exported course file does not include student data, such as grades, quiz attempts, or assignment submissions.

In order to use an exported course:

  1. The course owner must export their course following the directions in Export Course Content.
  2. The course owner shares the exported course .zip file with instructor(s). 
  3. Once received, the instructor can import the .zip file into their own course following the directions on Import Zipped Content.