Record with YuJa Browser Capture Studio

  1. From your D2L Course, click [Course Activities] -> [YuJa Video Platform].

  2. From the YuJa homepage, Click on Create Recording at the top of the page.

    Indicates Create Recording

  3.  On the Create Recording window, use the drop-down menu to select Record with Browser Capture Studio.
    Title your video, then click [Start].

    Identifies Record with Browser Capture Studio

  4. You will see Browser Capture Options on the left side.

    Browser capture options displayed: Recording Options, Audio, Video and Start Recording.

  5. Recording Options: You can configure your recording options between Camera, Screen, or Both.
    This is the video layout of what your students will see.

    Make sure you choose the correct screen, window, or application for where you want to record from. Click on [Allow].

    NOTE: Minimized windows will not appear as a selection here, the window must be restored to a normal size first.
    Identifies Screen 1 and Allow boxes.

  6. Recording option boxes displayed: Camera, Screen and Both
  7. Audio: Configure your Microphone here through the drop-down menu.
    Be sure to choose the correct audio input device for your device.

    Identifies the arrow at the bottom right of Default Audio box.

    Click on Allow on the prompt below.

    Identifies the Allow box on the bottom right.

    Verify that the audio bar below the video panel is detecting sound, you should see a fluctuating blue meter reacting to your voice.

    Shows the blue audio bar on the audio box.

  8. Video: Configure your Face Camera here through the drop-down menu.
    Be sure to choose the correct Webcam for your device.

    Identifies the arrow on the bottom right of Camera 2 box.

    Click on Allow on the prompt below.

    Identifies the allow box on the bottom right.

  9. After you have all your sources selected, click [Start Recording].

    Shows the Start Recording box.

  10. When your recording is completed, click [Stop] located at the bottom.

    Indicates the Record Button in the bottom of the screen.

  11. When finished, you will see [Download], [Upload], and [Discard] below the panel.

    Identifies the download, discard and upload buttons.

[Download] will prompt you to save the file onto your device. The file will be saved in Web Media Video (.webm) format.

Identifies the Save as Type box in the bottom left and the Save box on the bottom right.

[Upload] will upload the video to your YuJa Media Library.

Identifies the My Media tab on the top left under Personal Tab and one of the video widgets on the left under the Video Folders.

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