Use a Rubric with a Grade Column

Rubrics may be tied directly to a Grade item (gradebook column) for manually graded assignments where no connection to a D2L tool exists, such as a face-to-face assignment. Students are not able to see the rubric before it is graded. If you want them to use it as a guide for their work, you will need to provide it for them; however, they can see the rubric score and feedback via Grades once it is complete.

See Connect a Rubric to a Grade Column for information about connecting a rubric to a grade column.

Grading a Rubric Associated with a Grade Item

  1. Click Grades in the navbar. 
  2. Select the Enter Grades tab.
  3. Locate the grade item, then select Grade All from the context menu next to it.
    Grade All option under context menu of grade item 
  4. Click the Rubrics tool icon (Rubrics tool icon) in the Assessment column.
    Rubrics tool icon in Assessment column
  5. Complete the rubric.
    • Click the squares to assign points to each criteria. 
    • Adjust points value for each criteria by clicking the points value and inputting the adjusted score.
    • Click Feedback to enter notes and feedback for the student.Rubric with adjusted points values.
    • Click Save to save your scores and feedback. Click Publish to send the grades and feedback to the gradebook.Completed rubric with the option to publish, save, or cancel.