Add a Curve Using Adjusted Grade

The Adjusted Final Grade column in a course's gradebook in D2L allows an instructor to modify a student's final average. Instructors can use this column to curve student averages as well. 

Apply a Curve.

  1. Click on Grades from the navigation bar.
    Identifies Grades in the Navbar
  2. Locate the Final Adjusted Grade column beneath the Final Grades Column. Click the dropdown arrow and choose Enter Grades.
  3. Click the arrow beside Final Grades and select Transfer All. This will move students' final calculated grade into the final adjusted grade column.
    Indicates context menu arrow and identifies Transfer All option
  4. A new confirmation window will appear. Click Yes.
    Identifies Yes button in confirmation dialog box
  5. Locate the highest score in the Final Calculated Grade column. Subtract the points earned from the total points available (ex: 200-180=20).
    Identifies Final Calculated grade location for a student.
  6. Take the difference in points and add that difference to the numerator column of each student's final adjusted grade.
    Identifies Numerator column of final adjusted grade.
  7. Click Save. Note the difference between the Final Calculated Grade percentage and the Final Adjusted Grade percentage.
    Shows Updated final adjusted grade
  8. To release these grades and make them visible to students, Click the arrow beside "Final Grades," and select Release All.
    Indicates Final grades context menu arrow and identifies Release All option.
  9. Click yes on the confirmation window that appears.
    Identifies Yes button in confirmation dialog box
  10. Click Save and Close.