Making Groups for Dual Credit Courses

Groups are a useful tool for Dual Credit courses. Many dual credit students are in separate class periods at their high school but are placed in a single class section in D2L. By using the Groups tool to create a group for each class period, it is possible to organize and view students by their high school class period.

Creating Groups based on (High School) Class Period

  1. Create a Group Category: In your course, go to [Collaboration], then click [Groups]. Then on the Manage Groups page, click [New Category].


  2. On the New Category page, create a Category Name, and a Description if desired. For the Enrollment Type, choose [# of Groups - No Auto Enrollments]. For the Number of Groups, choose the number of class periods. When done, click the [Save] button.

    NOTE: For further details on creating a Group Category, please refer to the Create Groups article.

  3. Rename/Edit Groups: You will likely need to make edits to individual groups, including renaming the groups to match each class period. To edit a group, from the Manage Groups page, click any [Group Name]. This will take you to the Edit Group page, where you can edit the Group Name and Group Code. Click [Save] when done.

  4. Enroll Students in Groups: On the Manage Groups page, click the context menu next to the category and click [Enroll Users]. That will take you to the Enroll Users page, where you can click the [checkbox] next to each student to add them to the appropriate group based on their class period.

    NOTE: For further details on enrolling students in groups, please refer to the Enroll Students in Groups article.

Using Class Period Groups

Once you have created groups for your dual credit students based on their high school class period, and enrolled the students into the groups, you can use these groups to organize students by class period in the Gradebook, when viewing Class Progress, in the Classlist.

  1. View Gradebook by Class Period: 
    • To view only the Grades of the students in a single group in the Gradebook, go to the Enter Grades tab, and in the View By drop-down list, select [Groups], and click the [Apply] button. 

    • Then in the Groups drop-down list, select the [Group Nameof the group for which you would like to view grades, then click [Apply] again.

  2. View Class Progress by Grade Period:
    • Go to Class Progress, and under the Filter to: dropdownclick the [Group Name] of the group you wish to view.

      NOTE: For more details on using Class Progress, please refer to View Class Progress.

  3. View Classlist by Class Period:

    • In the Classlist, click the View By drop-down list, select [Groups], and click the [Apply] button. 

    • Then in the Groups drop-down list, select the [Group Nameof the group which you would like to view, then click [Apply] again.

Using Groups with Discussions

You can restrict Discussion Forums and Topics based on Groups so that you can have only one class period or a particular set of class periods participate in one or more Discussion Topics.

NOTE: For information on creating Discussion Forums and Topics, refer to the Create Discussion Forums and Topics article.

  1.  Navigate in your course to [Collaboration], and then [Discussions], and then on the Discussions page, click the [Group and Section Restrictions] tab.


  2. On the Group and Section Restrictions tab, under Forum, select [All Forums]. Then click the [checkboxunder Restricted next to any forums or topics you would like to restrict to a certain group or groups, and then click the [checkboxunder the Group Name of the group or groups you would like to restrict that forum or topic to. When done click [Save].