Use Quick Eval for Assessment

Quick Eval lets you see a list of select ungraded student submissions from all your courses. Submissions from Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions are displayed in one place to improve efficiency evaluating and providing feedback on all student work.

Student work that is displayed:

  • Quizzes that need to have at least one question evaluated and are not set to be graded immediately
  • Discussions that have an associated grade item
  • Assignments that have an associated grade item

Student work that is NOT displayed:

  • Group discussions
  • Group assignments
  • Quizzes that need evaluating (such as having a WR type question) but are set to be graded immediately
  • Items that have a rubric associated but do not have a grade item associated
  • Items from inactive courses
  • Items from courses with an End Date in the past

Accessing Quick Eval Tool 

The quick eval widget is located on the right-hand column of either the home page or the course page and displays a list of up to six activities with submissions to evaluate. The activities are sorted by due date, with the earliest date first.

Shows the Quick Eval widget on D2L homepage

  1. Click on the [Title of an activity] to see all the submissions for that activity.

    Identifies link to specific activity
  2. Click on [View all activities] to view a list of activities that have submissions ready to be evaluated.

  3. You can click [Submissions] to see a list of students and assignments from multiple courses.
    • The columns are listed in order of:
      Student Name, Activity Name, Course, and Submission Date.

    • You can tell the type of activity by the icon next to the activity name.

      Shows Quick Eval list


  • If you access the Quick Eval widget from the course home page rather than the main D2L home page, you will only see submissions from that course.
  • If you have enabled the Anonymous Marking feature on an Assignment, you will see numbers representing students instead of names.
  • You can also access Quick Eval by going to Faculty Tools > Quick Eval on the D2L home page or Course Management > Quick Eval on a course home page.

Accessing Student Submissions from Quick Eval Screen

  1. Click on the student name next to the activity name and the student's submission for that activity will appear.

  2. Grade the submission and add feedback as you usually would, then click [Publish] to publish the grade and feedback.

    Shows Assignment submission

Saving Draft Feedback

  1. If you are not ready to publish grades and feedback, you can click the Save Draft button for Assignments and Discussion posts.

  2. Submissions that have draft feedback will have an icon next to them that indicates that draft feedback is present.

    Identifies Draft icon

Filtering Quick Eval Content

  1. There are various ways to sort and display or filter the information in Quick Eval.

    Identifies the three methods for sorting and filtering Quick Eval activities.

  2. The Filter drop down allows filtering by activity name, course name, or date. You can choose more than one value to filter by - so you can choose two activities, or three dates. Everything that matches either choice will show in the filtered list.

    Identifies Activity Name and Course selectors
  3. The View by toggle lets you select Submissions or Activities.

    Identifies Submissions or Activities selector

  4. When Activities is selected, you will see details listed by the course activity (Assignment, Discussion, Quiz, etc.). Activities can be "Dismissed" to remove them from view. They can also be restored.
    Shows Quick Eval activities

  5. To Dismiss an activity, hover the mouse over the name of the item you wish to dismiss, then click [More Actions]. Choose [Dismiss Until ...] and choose your desired option. See the following GIF:

  6. Select [Next Submission] if you want the item to restore on the next submission, A [specific date] if you want the item to restore on a given date, or [Forever] to dismiss the activity permanently and click [Dismiss Activity].

    Identifies Dismiss Activity button

  7. If you would like to restore activities that you have not permanently dismissed, select [More Actions] at the top right of the screen and click [Dismissed activities].

    Indicates More Actions button and Identifies Dismissed Activities selection

  8. Mark the [Checkbox] of the activity and click [Restore]The activity will be visible in Quick Eval once more.

Searching Quick Eval Content

  1. Enter search terms into the search field above the list of submissions and to the right.

    Identifies search terms and Indicates Search initiator
    • Search terms use the OR operator - so this example will find terms that contain "Student" as well as those that contain "Quiz."
    • The fields that are searched are Name, Activity, and Course.