Copy Course Components (Simple)

NOTE: The following steps must be carried out within the destination course, which is where you intend to copy the course content to.

  1. Navigate to [Course Admin].

    Identifies the Course Admin button

  2. Click [Import/Export/Copy Components].

    Shows Import/Export/Copy components link

  3. Click the radio button for [Copy Components from Another Org Unit], then click [Search for offering].

    Indicates the Search for offering button

  4. Use the [Search] field to find the course offering with the desired content. Click the [radio button] for the course you wish to copy from, then click [Add Selected].

    Indicates course radio button and identifies Search field and Add Selected button.

  5. Click [Copy All Components].

    Shows Copy All or Select Components options

    NOTE: To copy only Select Components from the source offering, please refer to Copy Course Components (Advanced).

  6. Click [Finish] to confirm and begin the copy process.
    Tracking data, student records, personal data, and grades are not included when copying.

    Shows Confirm Components to Copy page

NOTE: Content imported into a course shell will never overwrite or delete existing content. For example, if content from a course is copied into a shell multiple times, the content will be duplicated for each copy attempt instead of replacing the previous content.