Copy Course Components (Simple)

  1. Navigate to Course Admin.
    Identifies the Course Admin button

  2. Click Import/Export/Copy Components.

    Shows Import/Export/Copy components link
  3. Click the radio button named Copy Components from Another Org Unit, then click Search for offering.

    Indicates the Search for offering button
  4. Use the Search field to find the course offering with the desired content. Click the radio button next to this course offering, then click Add Selected.

    Indicates course radio button and identifies Search field and Add Selected button.
  5. Click Copy All Components.

    Shows Copy All or Select Components options

    NOTE: To copy only Select Components from the source offering, please refer to Copy Course Components (Advanced).

  6. Click the Finish button to confirm and begin the copy process.

    Shows Confirm Components to Copy page

    NOTE: Tracking data, student records, personal data, and grades are not included when copying.

    Additional Resource:
    Copy Course Components (Advanced).